Augmented Reality SDK

virtual buttons sdk

Virtual buttons
  • Static virtual buttons.
  • Motion detection buttons
  • “Unlimited” virtual buttons up to covering whole image size.
  • Open source visual tools to define virtual buttons on Android and iOS.

What are virtual buttons?

Create virtual desktops by placing buttons within the real scene and detect clicks and motion with our engine.

Once you have matched and are still tracking your image, add virtual buttons to it. By doing so, an event can be easily triggered by clicking on specific places of the images or even by making “horizontal” or “vertical” movements on those specific places.

We support also virtual buttons "in the air". Use the frontal camera and place hot spots around you.

Workflow is very simple: define the virtual buttons within each image or "in the air" and the engine will automatically detect an event. You will receive the type and the triggered virtual buttons.

This engine is available for iOS.

virtual buttons documentation

virtual buttons features

  • Obtain robust and reliable motion events over the virtual buttons.
  • Discover the unlimited clickable areas.