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Until now adding AR functionalities was an absolute headache hard searching in the Internet for specific computer vision functionalities (matching, tracking, motion) or 3d (rendering) to add to your app.

We do believe that our success is the success of the developers using our technologies and building incredible applications.

The real value of mobile app development is the idea itself, the app workflow, architecture and final target. In many cases open source APIs can't be the solution… sometimes they are are unstable or lack the proper support. On the other side corporative paid solutions are in many cases too expensive and not flexible enough.

Build and code everything from scratch does not really make sense when AR is one of the components of your application and yuo are willing to focus on new functionalities for oyur killer application.

Here we just try to bring AR up to the developers, make it easy for them to integrate those functionalities and of course make it accessible and support them in each stage of the developing steps.

This documentation is one of the steps to reach our goals.