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Virtual Buttons

Create virtual desktops placing buttons within the real scene and detect cliks and motion with our engine.

Motion engine for mobiles. Once you have matched and while you are tracking your image, add virtual buttons over it so that “clicking” on specific places of the images or even making “horizontal” or “vertical” movements on those specific places, an event can be triggered.

Workflow is very simple: just define the virtual buttons within each image and we the engine detects an event you will receive the type (click or motion) and virtual buttons triggered. We also provide an Android and iOS open source visual tool to define the virtual button within each image.


Static virtual buttons.
Motion detection buttons
“Unlimited” virtual buttons up to covering whole image size.
Open source visual tools to define virtual buttons on Android and iOS.


  • Robust and reliable motion events over the virtual buttons.
  • Unlimited Clickable areas.


  • Custom triggering objects. Instead of triggering events on generic oclussions, there will be the capability to define specific object to launch the events or ocluding the virtual buttons.
  • Gesture recognition. The engine will detect not only horizontal and vertical movements but also specific gestures


  • Getting Started
  • Samples
  • API Reference


  • Getting Started
  • Samples
  • API Reference