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All the ARLAB SDKs are fully developed thinking on isolating the developer from the complexity of the main augmented reality, computer vision and 3d rendering functionalities so that the developer can just start working on the app idea.

All of these products has been created with simplicity of use in mind.

Product Description Code Android iOS Tablets Current Release
ARBrowser Add augmented reality geolocation view in less than 5 minutes. ARB > 2.3.3 > 5.0 yes Beta
Image Matching Recognize images within the scene within your device in real time IMM > 2.3.3 > 5.0 yes Beta
Image Tracking Object and image tracking real time engine IMT > 2.3.3 > 5.0 yes Beta
Virtual Desktop “Minority report” interfaces ready to use with virtual buttons and motion recognition VBT > 2.3.3 > 5.0 yes Beta
3D Engine Cross-platform high performance real-time 3D engine 3DE > 2.3.3 > 5.0 yes Beta

Following each link is a deeper explanation of each product with documentacion, tutorials, sample code and API references.