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Noticeable files:

  • TrackingViewController.m
  • ImagesTableViewController.m
  • SnapViewController.m
  • CropController.m
  • DrawController.m
  • StickerPicker.m
  • BJImageCropper.m

2.1- TrackingViewController.m

Initiates the ImageTracker object.
Loads images from documents and adds them into tracker library, and set the name of the overlay image in the library.
From this screen you can open a table with all your saved images or you can open the camera to take a new photo.

2.2- ImagesTableViewController.m

Loads the images from Documents. First, it loads the original image (the image that the user has taken with the camera), then it loads the overlay image (an image with the texts, lines, images…) and finally shows two images overlays in a table. Clicking on any cell will show the image in a full screen. The cells have got a button to delete the image.

2.3- SnapViewController.m

Launches the camera and it is processing the images continuously. When the user click the button to take a photo, the last processed image is saved.

2.4- CropController.m

Shows the taken image. In this screen, the user has to select the cropped image to use as original image (as image to recognize). If the cropping image has got few details, an alert is shown to crop an area that includes more details.

2.5- DrawController.m

It allows you to edit your image. You can draw lines of different colours, add a text or add an image (image or stickers). Also, it has got buttons to undo, redo and remove your changes.

2.6- StickerPicker.m

Shows a scrollview with differents stickers. Also, has got a button to take a photo and other button to select an image from gallery.

2.7- BJImageCropper.m

It is the file that controls the cropping area. It controls if the user reduces the crop rectangle, if he augment it or if he changes its position.

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