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Image Matching

Real time image recognition engine. Match thousands of pictures within your device without Internet connection.

Our powerful image matcher takes advantage of the powerful smartphones hardware to do all the image processing within the device and give matched results in milliseconds.

The engine usage is really easy, just add your images and start matching them. There’s no preprocessing needed at all.


Real time image matching.
Thousands of images supported within pools of 50-60 images.
No Internet connection needed.
Get your response in ms


  • Add and remove images from the pool in execution time, no need to init the app again or recompile.
  • Load your images from the mobile resources or from an url.
  • Accurate matching with almost any image
  • Custom cropping: select the screen frame you want to match against the pool.
  • Use your custom image ids.
  • Take advantage of our built in camera view or just create yours and call our process frame function.
  • Support image streaming processing: process single images or stream them.


  • Capability to recognize 2 or more images a time (within the same frame).
  • Pools of more than 80 images.
  • Increase matching speed and performance