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Noticeable files:

  • MainViewController.m
  • moviesDataHandler.m
  • ViewController.m
  • ListViewController.m
  • MovieInfo.m

2.1- MainViewController.m

Initiates the Tabs and contains the initial tab with the detector. Shows an alert with an UIProgressView while data is being downloaded.


Loads the movies data into a ListView with the poster and ratings, clicking on any cell will show extra movie info in full screen. It has got a button to update the movies.

2.3- MovieInfo.m

Displays additional information of the movie, including synopsis, links to the trailer and to the offical website.

2.4- moviesDataHandler.m

Downloads the movies list from the TMDB api service. Stores the information into the NSDocumentDirectory. Also, reads the movies information from the NSDocumentsDirectory and processes them and downloads the poster image.

2.5- ViewController.m

Initializes the library and adds the poster images into it. When an image is matched, a popup appears with the poster and ratings. If the users click on it an extra info screen will be launched in full screen. It has got a button to update the movies.

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