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Noticeable files

  • BoxOfficeMatcherActivity.java
  • MovieListView.java
  • MovieFullInfoDialog.java
  • MovieInfoLoader.java
  • SDdataParser.java

2.1.- BoxOfficeMatcherActivity.java

Initiates the Tabs and contains the initial tab with the detector.

2.2.- MovieListView.java

Loads the movies data into a ListView with the poster and ratings, clicking on any cell will show extra movie info in full screen.

2.3.- MovieFullInfoDialog.java

Displays additional information of the movie, including synopsis, links to the trailer and to the official website.

2.4.- MovieInfoLoader.java

Downloads the movies list from the TMDB api service. Stores the information into the SD card.

2.5.- SDdataParser.java

Reads the movies information from the SD card and processes it. Also downloads the poster image and adds it in into the library.

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