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Add augmented reality geolocation view to your Android or iOS application in less than 5 minutes. Fully customized framework with really easy API. The frameworks takes care of all the complex functionalities an augmented reality browser needs for you just to take care of designing you application.


2D POIs.
Add and remove POIs from the pool without refreshing the view.
Fully customizable look and feel.
Callback on POI clicked or selected for pro users.
Tablets support.


  • 2D POIs
  • Add and remove single POIs at run time.
  • Customizable elements: radar, radar dots and pop up label…
  • Custom callback on POI clicked or on centered POI.
  • Extremely optimized to run on any device.
  • Great performance and memory management.
  • Extremely light view, smooth and accurate movements.
  • Custom actions: sms, call, email, video, social networks and more.
  • Very simple interface API for developers. From beginner to expert levels.
  • Start and stop functions to prevent memory or battery starvation.


  • Video texture
  • Click events recognition on each object of the model.

ARBrowser 2D iOS

ARBrowser 2D Android