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Here we have a sample project that fetches geotagged photos from the Panoramio server and shows them in ARBrowser. You can also choose the radar scan distance and the number of photos showed, perform actions in any photo of the ARBrowser (view picture, share in twitter, etc.) and see the data in a Table and Map views.

1.1- Specifications:

  • iPhone & iPad app
  • Target os version: 5.0 and up
  • Display Panoramio geotagged picture on map view, list view and camera view.
  • Filter params: device current position and search radius.
  • Support all orientations
  • POI actions: share on Twitter, see picture and “take me there” (get directions on map).

1.2- Loading the project:

To load the project into Xcode ide click ARPicBrowser.xcodeproj file from the sample sdk. See also How to Run the application

1.3- ARPicBrowser in iTunes

You can download ARPicBrowser from iTunes