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1.- Introduction:

1.1.- What is it?

The AR Browser Framework gives you a new way to present geolocation related data in your mobile applications.
It is A very customizable Augmented Reality Geolocation library. Easy to integrate and customize. Create your own app and add a geolocation view supporting 2D and 3D objects on top of your POIs (points of interest).

1.2.- Key Concepts

  • GPS coordinates: Defines a specific location of earth by two numbers: latitude and longitude.
  • Point Of Intrest or POI, is a specific point location that someone may find useful or interesting. It incapsulates GPS coordinates and info describing the point.
  • POI Actions: POI related events that can be triggered by user. Such events can be things like sharing on social network, viewing media of the POI (e.g. video) and contacting (e.g. phone call).

1.3.- This document tells you how to do the following:

You should read this document to gain an understanding of the ARBrowser framework. You must be familiar with the basics of iOS development, including the Objective-C language.

This documents will explain the basic setup and use of the framework.

1.4.- Apple compatible products

  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPad 2

1.5.- ScreenShots

  • First screenshot shows two POIs, the label on the bottom shows the title and description of the selected POI.
  • Second screenshot shows the POI popup, it appears when clicking on the bottom label or when clicking on a POI, it shows the same info as the bottom label with a list of the actions associated with it.

1.6.- Known Bugs

  1. GPS to AR world equation can be inaccurate on the poles.

1.7.- Organization of This Document

  • Quick Start Tutorial
  • Building Blocks: Adding POIs
  • User Interaction
  • Related Documents

1.8.- See Also