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This whole section is about how to use the ·EAD 3Ds Max Exporter and how to create compatible scenes that can be exported to the Engine.

If you didn't install it yet, you can learn how to do it here.

In the Getting Started Section we'll create a basic scene within 3Ds Max, and learn how to export it. It's recommended to follow this section, as it covers some basic guidelines that you need to follow.

After Getting Started, it's recommended to check the Advanced section, which covers other specific things that you can do before you export an .EAD file. Advanced materials, animations and complex stuff. You'll learn how to manage all these.

Finally, we'll go through a Case Study, so you can see how a complete project was made, to help you understand all the process in 3Ds Max until the final exportation.

Make sure also to check the Guidelines and Naming Conventions to check some known limitations and how to correctly name and organize your scene. next