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There are several known limitations or advises that you should have in mind when working for the Engine.

- Objects with more than 50.000 triangles might work, but it's possible that they cause glitches or do strange things with the mesh' vertices. If you have an object heavier than that, it's recommended to break it in pieces.

- There isn't a known polygon number limit in the Engine, as it depends mainly on the hardware. Even we've tried very heavy scenes, having more than 1.000.000 triangles in the scene may cause problems. Also, it depends a lot on the kind of scene you're working with. Animations and lights reduce performance substantially with high ammounts of polygons. It's recommended that you make some performance tests in your device before planning your scene.

- There is a current limit using lights. Only four in the same scene are supported.

- Currently, in some devices, only up to 50 bones deforming a mesh are allowed. Keep that in mind when building your characters or deforming objects. Deleting all the “helper” bones from the scene, and keeping only the ones that are actually deforming the mesh reduces the ammount of bones importantly. Make sure to Bake Animations first.

- In some devices, only power of two textures are allowed. This means squared images of 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096 pixels each side, and so on. Keep textures small to increase performance.

- If you want to export separately two objects from the same scene, don't hide them, but delete them, and save the scene as a different one before exporting. If you only hide the object, it will be exported, and later in the Engine you'll have a duplicated object, making it difficult to manage (overall when one of them is hidden, so you have no clue to what's happening to it). next