Which Movie do you want to watch? Trailer Catcher will help you.

       Another useful application developed by ARLab using Image Matching and AR Browser is “Trailer Catcher”. Trailer Catcher brings you the latest movie trailers released and currently available on the cinema screens. What you have to do is just pointing your device towards the movie cover in portrait mode and automatically the movie will be recognized and the trailer will be launched. Every week the available trailers will be updated and their cover pictures will be listed in the application.

       The cover recognition is not the only functionality Trailer Cacther brings to you. With its Augmented Reality Browser integrated you are able to take a look at the surrounding movie theaters, checking their locations and their distances to where you are. Furthermore, you can get directions to the closest cinemas or the ones you selected and use the ARView to reach them, following the points direction. We have also thought in the social networks in this application so you will be able to invite your friends to go with you or share with them what are you going to do.

       Unlike some others applications developed by ARLab, like the Box Office Matcher, where the recognition technology used was device-based, this app uses the image recognition cloud-based. This means that now the recognition is carried out remotely and the found image identifier is sent to the device which did the call. This has several differences with the Image Recognition implemented for being used in the device, like the required internet connection or that it doesn’t work in real time, although its response time is still very fast. In the other hand, as an advantage we find that the number of images that can be stored is much higher (almost “unlimited”) than the another image recognition technology used.

Do not forget to check out our AR Browser and Image Matching SDKs.

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