What can Augmented reality offer?

      A lot of people have already heard, or even seen, some final product or demo that uses augmented reality, and they were impressed by what they saw but, do they really know what Augmented Reality can offer?

      Only the Augmented Reality sub-branch known as Augmented Reality Browser or Augmented Reality Geolocation view is an attractive sector itself, because it offers compelling applications across any sector that comes to mind since it can use geolocated points in order to give the user a better perception of the surroundings. For consumers, it can display the names of hotels and which has a vacancy across the phones’ screens, rates or customers’ feedbacks.  Augmented Reality browsers can also show the location of closest restaurants and their wait times and menus, special offers or even coupons for special prices in that moment.  And a lot of final uses that can place geolocated points in the device’ screen.

       This was in the side of the user but, what about from the brands or companies’ side? Mobile augmented reality offers them a consumer engagement, including social sharing experiences and direct user interaction. With these new ways of interacting with advertisements, companies that decide to use Augmented reality somehow will likely have a bigger impact on customers and thereby advertising campaigns may be more successful. We have already seen some examples of brands using Augmented reality for their customers, like the Virtual Mirror of Rayban, where users are able to try several sunglasses models from their home, only using their computers and webcams. So imagine how the advertising campaigns of the future could be, with interactive media for customers, allowing them to have a perception of the products like if they were really there. This is amazing, isn´t?

      These are only a couple of examples, and they are focused on advertising, but AR has been spread in more fields, like education, medicine or games. Augmented reality is a really cool in technology, which can be used in a wide range of applications, but what is particularly exciting, from a high level point of view, is that technology has evolved to the point that something that seems so futuristic also is highly practical in terms of applications. We could say that there is no gap between what it can really offer nowadays and some futuristic uses that were visioned few years ago.

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