Virtual Buttons in Augmented Reality

      As Augmented Reality comes to the mobile world step by step, more features are being added to this technology in order to be even more practical. Almost all Mobile Augmented Reality applications allow to users interact with the 3D augmented world through touch events on the device’s screen, but we propose a new interaction method, that we define as “Virtual Buttons”, and which will allow users to interact directly with the augmented information.

      The main idea is easy. In addition to the already well-known objects placed in the real world to carry out an image or object tracking, where a video or a 3D object usually is layered, we suggest to add buttons to the scene which the user will be able to “virtually “press those buttons. The  main idea is something like playing with a “Minority Report” desktop. As can be seen in some scenes of the following video, these “virtual buttons” are layered in some places of the real world and allow the user to interact with the software only by pressing them. In the case shown the buttons remain in the same place, but the ARLab team is working to provide this functionality over an image or object tracked, and it will be ready very soon.

      Once an image is tracked, over it can be layered any model, so imagine that we render a video which follows the image, and we also place a play and stop buttons in two corners, and a sliding bar in the middle, like in the youtube or vimeo video controls. With the introduction of these virtual buttons in the real scene, the user is able to press directly these buttons like he would do in a real device, with the difference that here these objects are augmented objects layered over the real environment instead of real objects, but the behavior will be the same. Alike in the aforementioned example, the addition of these buttons in the field of augmented games could drive to a more immersive mobile augmented reality games in which the player does not only see the augmented objects added to his world, but also is able to interact with them in this world,  not being something constrained to the devices’ screen. This makes the set of functionalities that Augmented reality brings to its users and the way they experience it grow.

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