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Designing UX in Mobile Augmented Reality. Part I

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      As we already know, Augmented Reality provides an extra information of the real world we see and it also changes the user experience but, do we know how to design this UX in order to drive MAR into the future as an engaging and compelling new technology?

      Designing good Augmented Reality experiences is a hard task and UX designers must be aware of several problems the users can face. Although last two or three years Mobile Augmented Reality has considerably been improved, in terms of computer vision algorithms and devices’ hardware, there is still a lot of applications which rely on ugly, marker-based technologies.


Figure 1. It shows an example of a UX Design for an Augmented Reality use.

        User’s expectations are fast growing and more in the current technological world we are living. He gets used fast and easily and is requesting for more and better experiences. So, instead of rendering an augmentation information on top of some preconfigured marker which has to be printed and placed, the users require a technology that is able to work anywhere, recognize and make alive anything.