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3D Softwares – Which one is better to start with?

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When we want to create 3D content for augmented reality or for any other purposes, we need, of course, a 3D creation software. There are plenty of options, and some of them are thought for being combined with other ones, so in this post I’ll talk a little about some of the main 3D softwares so you can decide which one fits your needs better or it’s more accessible to you.

First things first… if you’re new to 3D, nottice that you’re going to find yourself overwhelmed by the interface and the big ammount of options, but this doesn’t depend too much on the software you pick, they’re all similar: different interfaces, different workflows or philosophies, but similar options and features. It’s just that 3D is a really big world, and you just need to take sometime to get used to the new options that you have in your hands.

So let’s mention the most used 3D softwares: 3Ds Max, Maya, SoftImage, Modo, LightWave, Blender. There are a lot more, but these are the most powerful and popular ones, so we’ll focus on them.

Logos of the main 3D Softwares