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ARLab will attend to the augmented Planet Event in London.

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      At the end of October, exactly on 30th and 31st of this month, will take place an important international event in the field of Augmented Reality, and the UK’s Largest dedicated Augmented Reality conference, where the most relevant companies in the world of AR will be present showing their products. Amongst them, ARLab will also attend to this important event.

Link to the official site of the event.

      Augmented Planet is where people from the AR industry come together with developers and agencies. One member of our staff will speak the first day of this event from 11:15 to 11:45 about the company and its products. Moreover, ARLab will show several innovative products that are not still in the market.

      Apart from the aforementioned new products, developers will be able to check how easy is to integrate our Augmented Reality libraries within their current mobile applications, giving them an easy, fast and intuitive tool to develop new amazing mobile apps.

Augmented Reality, a new “door” for 3D artists.

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      Since 3D design is a crucial part in the development of any augmented reality system, these 3D artists have seen a new field plenty of opportunities to develop their ideas and talents. Mobile programming, real-time optimization or computer vision algorithms play an essential role in current augmented reality systems, but 3D design is the viewable part, the “face” for costumers, the last layer of these systems. Thus, everyone can imagine how important are those 3D professionals for successful AR systems.

      A few years back in time, 3D artists were mostly needed in industries like videogames, advertising and movies. Now, Augmented Reality has opened a whole new market with job oportunities and a lot of yet undiscovered creative uses. The need for 3D designers for AR is clear, and now that this new market is growing exponentially, thanks to it’s uses for marketing (and even videogames), will also create a big ammount of new jobs.


ARLab, a new vision for a smarter society.

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      After several months of hard work we are ready to offer an extended portfolio of technological solutions for AR. Our differentiated value is to support the creation of not only useful, easy and fast applications developed by software experts, but also precise, elegant and effective technologies that enable an efficient development in an extremely short time to market.

We build technologies according to developers’ needs and provide them with functional solutions to materialize their ideas in the shortest time possible. ARLab´s aim is to develop SDKs for developers. Starting on Android and iOS, that will include all the computer vision features that any Augmented Reality app can request. That´s why our suite of products includes geolocation, visual search, natural features tracking, interactive virtual buttons and AR game engine. This will be followed by face detection, recognition and tracking engine; and object tracking that will be released soon. The most important for us is to create real tools for developers, that´s why we really take care of creating a simple API in a native platform language, objective-C in iOS and Java in Android, following how Google or Apple would do it in their own frameworks. So, the developer will not need to do any extra learning effort in order to use our SDKs. Also the documentation is one of our pillars, oriented for pure developers, with lot of sample codes and tutorials.


Augmented Reality MasterClass given by our CTO.

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      In our crusade to spread not only the Augmented Reality technology, but also all our products, we are also involved in several Masters courses in Spanish universities, where some of our staff are the responsible to teach this technology and its advantages to students enrolled in the aforementioned courses. In these courses or classes we are the responsible of introducing students, engineers, or even teachers in such exciting field. Apart from the general view of the Augmented Reality and its current situation, we also introduce our products.

      The main idea of these classes, courses, conferences or seminars is just to approach this amazing technology to engineering’s students and professionals who aren´t familiar with it. It is impressive that, in most of the cases they don´t know anything about Augmented Reality at all, but after these opportunities they feel super interested on this technology and its advantages and possibilities.

      Moreover, we show them the ease of integrating Augmented Reality in mobile apps using the ARLab SDKs. We offer an affordable solution to whom are willing to develop mobile Augmented Reality apps, and we encourage them to use our solution for several reasons like: ease and fast integration, features and great documentation, price and performance.

      If you are interested in attend via online to this masterclass given by Pablo García, ARLab CTO, it will take place on 20th, Thursday at 18:00 (only to spanish speakers). Please click the following lint to register: 

LinkAR Store

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Step 1- In order to buy any of the licenses for our SDKs, first of all, you will have to go to the linkAR community on linkAR website. Once there, on the licenses step you have to tap new license in order to start the procedure. (Figure 1)

Figure 1. Step 1


ARLab is getting popular

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      Since we released our web ( in the first quarter, we have released that several sites have been talking about the company and the products. This trend increased last months mainly due to the launching of some products as Beta versions during April and May, and their releases under commercial licenses in August.

      We are proud of all this work and of the fact the the company becomes more and more popular every day. We would like to thank all the people that made this possible. In the following video we show some of the articles that have been appearing about ARLab. We really hope to keep on growing and keep on helping the people with our products.

“ARLab is a company made by developers and for developers “

Which Movie do you want to watch? Trailer Catcher will help you.

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       Another useful application developed by ARLab using Image Matching and AR Browser is “Trailer Catcher”. Trailer Catcher brings you the latest movie trailers released and currently available on the cinema screens. What you have to do is just pointing your device towards the movie cover in portrait mode and automatically the movie will be recognized and the trailer will be launched. Every week the available trailers will be updated and their cover pictures will be listed in the application.

       The cover recognition is not the only functionality Trailer Cacther brings to you. With its Augmented Reality Browser integrated you are able to take a look at the surrounding movie theaters, checking their locations and their distances to where you are. Furthermore, you can get directions to the closest cinemas or the ones you selected and use the ARView to reach them, following the points direction. We have also thought in the social networks in this application so you will be able to invite your friends to go with you or share with them what are you going to do.


Virtual Buttons in Augmented Reality

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      As Augmented Reality comes to the mobile world step by step, more features are being added to this technology in order to be even more practical. Almost all Mobile Augmented Reality applications allow to users interact with the 3D augmented world through touch events on the device’s screen, but we propose a new interaction method, that we define as “Virtual Buttons”, and which will allow users to interact directly with the augmented information.

      The main idea is easy. In addition to the already well-known objects placed in the real world to carry out an image or object tracking, where a video or a 3D object usually is layered, we suggest to add buttons to the scene which the user will be able to “virtually “press those buttons. The  main idea is something like playing with a “Minority Report” desktop. As can be seen in some scenes of the following video, these “virtual buttons” are layered in some places of the real world and allow the user to interact with the software only by pressing them. In the case shown the buttons remain in the same place, but the ARLab team is working to provide this functionality over an image or object tracked, and it will be ready very soon.

      Once an image is tracked, over it can be layered any model, so imagine that we render a video which follows the image, and we also place a play and stop buttons in two corners, and a sliding bar in the middle, like in the youtube or vimeo video controls. With the introduction of these virtual buttons in the real scene, the user is able to press directly these buttons like he would do in a real device, with the difference that here these objects are augmented objects layered over the real environment instead of real objects, but the behavior will be the same. Alike in the aforementioned example, the addition of these buttons in the field of augmented games could drive to a more immersive mobile augmented reality games in which the player does not only see the augmented objects added to his world, but also is able to interact with them in this world,  not being something constrained to the devices’ screen. This makes the set of functionalities that Augmented reality brings to its users and the way they experience it grow.

Box Office Matcher. Recognize your movie posters.

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After having launched the beta version of the Augmented Reality Image Matching SDK, the ARLab mobile team developed this simple application using this tool. This application is able to recognize in real-time one of the posters that have been previously downloaded and stored in the device’s database, and once this happens, it launches a screen where the users can choose among several actions, like:

  • - Watch the trailer.
  • - See the movie’s info, like the synopsis or rankings.
  • - or visit the movie´s official website.



What Augmented Reality should avoid?

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      During the past two or three years there has been a surge of Augmented Reality applications. That Augmented reality is becoming more and more popular among the mobile users and also big brands is not new. The main aim of augmented reality is to bring the digital world to the physical world, allowing real-time interaction with this augmented world, and providing much more innovative, interactive and comprehensive applications.

      But in this technological spread of the Augmented Reality, both applications developers and providers of Augmented reality in general must to take care of several important things if they do not to be hated or even avoided.

      One of the most important things developers must take into consideration is to create easier and clean ways to view Augmented Reality, instead of complex views which make it difficult to understand. This also means that most people may see unwanted information on the screen,  which could get them confused. The information showed should be layered or searchable and displayed in a “user friendly” not invasive way. If users get too much information all at once, they could end up collapsed and not eager to use AR at all in the future.

Figure 1. An example of what AR must avoid.