Promising Augmented Reality’s Predictions for next years

      Last months have come plenty of news about the Augmented Reality world and its growing spread around all the sectors in which it may be applied, but it seems that these predictions are more than that, they are a fact.

      Some reports conducted by marketing and consulting research firms shows the impact of this growing technology on daily life and the effect it produces on the markets which make use of Augmented Reality. These reports suggest that, despite the fact that the age of this technology may be date back to when 3D technology was born, it is still in its early stages and consequently, its economic potential and impact on consumers has not been fully investigated. One of these reports talks about the rise of augmented reality technology in the marketing industry and how it has come to change the way consumers communicate with each other and with companies.

      The interest shown in this technology and its capabilities in generating interactive digital content is growing quickly amongst both companies and consumers. At the same time, augmented reality becomes more important and promising than other technologies, like the QR codes or NFC. This is because Augmented reality is less invasive with the environment than the laters and it can be use for more than marketing. Another fact that help to this fast growing is the continuos mobile enhancement that big brands carry out. As high-end mobile devices become more common amongst users and more powerful devices, augmented reality is expected to play a bigger role amongst consumers, allowing them to be part of the augmented world and interact with it, expanding into more practical territory.

      The widespread popularity of the Augmented Reality is expected to reach its hot-peak at the end of 2012 and early 2013. When the hype surrounding the technology dies down somewhat in mid-2013, the augmented reality market is expected to continue to grow quickly in any platform. This fast growing may be due to the huge number of small software design companies worldwide entering to this market and which develop their own Augmented Reality applications. However, this growing does not only depend on these small companies, but also heavily on whether consumers keep showing interest in the technology. By now, consumers have been enthusiastic about new smartphones and tablets capable of handling augmented reality technology and  if this enthusiasm lasts, the market will continue growing quickly and, by 2015, may be valued at billions.

Reports in Data

      The reports aforementioned predict that more than 864 million mobile devices will be equipped with augmented reality technology by 2014. It is also predicted that more than 103 million vehicles will include in some way an augmented reality system by 2020. Furthermore, they state that the revenue generated by augmented reality technology will reach $600 billion by 2016. One of them shows that in 2011, the mobile augmented reality market was valued at only $21 million worldwide. This value is small if it is compared to other technologies that are catching the interest of consumers, but it is claimed that the mobile augmented reality market will be worth billions by 2016. If these estimations are accurate, this fast growing will make augmented reality one of the most wondered technologies in the mobile world.


Augmented Reality revenues to surpass $600 billion by 2016.

New report shows the growth of the mobile augmented reality market.

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