November Offers

In this post we’d like to show off some of the best offers that we’ve made yet. Just in case you weren’t part of our beta tester at the time of our previous offer, in which we gave the beta tester team more than a 33% discount on all the licenses our  AR Browser and  Image Matching SDKs, we’re going to do the same thing, again, for all linkAR users. So go check you e-mail if you are a linkAR user, you’ll see that you have a discount for all the App licensees, that now are 19€, rather than the usual 29€. Don’t wait too long and come buy that app SDK for such a ridiculous price. It’s basically like we’re giving them away! In order to redeem this offer follow the next steps:

1. Go to linkAR:  Register or Log in with your username.

2.Go to the store tab, and add to your cart the licenses that you wish to buy, start the checkout process and you’ll be asked for the redeem code: ARNOVEMBER

3. Start programming your AR app.

That’s all for today, the whole ARLab team hopes that you’ll enjoy the purchases, and do not worry if you read this a bit too late, there will be more.

Do not forget to check out our AR Browser and Image Matching SDKs.

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