Mobile Augmented Reality will break into the market of the future

       Augmented Reality has been present for long time, not only in research but also in the market in different ways, like customized applications in military displays, in industrial environments or lately in online marketing and even advertising.

        In the last years,  an entirely new market has opened up in mobile handsets, mainly pushed by the improvements on hardware, like cameras and processors. This will end, in the closest future, on an immense growth in the products and applications which MAR provides .

        The application market is further segmented into industrial applications and commercial applications. The industrial applications cover defense, medical, manufacturing and repair. The consumer applications cover the gaming market, e-learning, GPS, and online advertisement.

       Some researches on the field conclude that Mobile Augmented Reality (MAR) will expand exponentially in the five year forecast period (2011-2016) following the widespread popularity of one or a handful of killer MAR applications, expected in late 2012 or early 2013. By the end of the forecast period MAR will still be in a growth phase, with a market worth valued in the billions and occupying a 25% share of all application downloads. The MAR market promises to grow at a precipitous rate over the forecast period and visiongain illustrates this evolution in a way that is clear, justifiable, and comprehensive. More importantly, the advent of MAR will have a profound and lasting impact on the way that people use their mobile devices. It will push the telecoms industry towards ubiquitous computing and a technologically converged paradigm. [1]

[1] Source: PR Newswire

       The advancement of mobile technology and a growing population of users that can navigate mobile devices with ease,  have raised the Augmented Reality  into the mass media ranks nowadays. In recent years the tablets and smartphones have packed enough computing power to run Augmented Reality applications that turn the everyday world  into a fully interactive digital experience, where the user can feel the information in a different way. With that leap, this medium is on track to becoming an everyday experience.

         Not so much time ago,  people were wowed by applications which used bar codes and markers in order to pay for items or to jump to a website with a single touch on the screen, or even no need for that, it could be done just focusing your device’s camera to the target. That excitement will soon be eclipsed by the advent of Mobile Augmented Reality  in the consumer world, which is closer than a lot of people expect.

 How to Use Mobile Augmented Reality in Advertising?

         It’s important to think about augmented reality as an additional form of advertising, not as the only strategy to follow. But based on its newness, if you’re able to pull it off correctly, your company is seen as innovative and your company will take a competitive advantage.

         Beyond that, an AR campaign, in comparison with traditional advertising campaigns, establishes a longer-lasting, deeper connection with your consumers via an emotional connection, which in the end turns to more repeat business and sales.


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