LinkAR, the AR community for developers.

      Today ARLab has just released linkAR, the new community thought by and for developers, where you will be able to share, to know, and to ask to other developers which also belong to the community. The main goal of this community is that different developers contact each other to create a greater interaction amongst them , which will sometimes benefit both the users and the companies. In linkAR you will be able to buy licenses of our SDKs, publish your own applications and promote them. The idea is to create an AR ecosystem where  you can learn from other developers, share your ideas and win and make business with the apps and/or projects you may develop. Of course we will contribute not only supporting each single part of your development, even if is not AR related, but also we will release full open source projects like: BoxOffice developed with the ImageMatching SDK and ARPicBrowser developer with the AR Browser SDK.

       The core of this community is the constant activity that we want to promote between its members. In order to do this, we have implemented a points system which will give to developers an amount of points every time they do any kind of activity in the social network. Developers will earn points for something as simple as publishing a little comment in the profile, or in the activity´s wall. These points given to users will eventually allow them to unlock different features which are locked, like step by step video tutorials or get access to the image trainer, a web service to generate trained data from a single image and use this data in applications which uses our Image Matching SDK. New services will be added to the community every few time.

      Being part of this community will help you to keep in touch with the rest of the developers who use our products and with the AR community in general. Thus, any issue that can appear, probably has been previously solved for a member and you can leave your comment or question in order to be replied. Moreover, looking at other´s applications you can directly leave a comment to the owner or even take some ideas for the yours. But not only this, our developers will also be present on the community, so members will be able to follow them in order to know the last news about the company and its products.

      LinkAR, the Augmented Reality community for developers, has born, and we really hope you’d like it and take advantage of it.


Do not forget to check out our AR Browser and Image Matching SDKs.

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