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Title Computer Vision Researcher
Location Haifa (Israel)
Job Information

ARLab (Augmented Laboratory Lab), a company located in Spain and Israel is hiring Computer Vision Engineers to join our team in Haifa (Israel).


The selected candidate will join to the Computer Vision laboratories placed in Haifa (Hi-Tech Matam Park) and will help to the current engineers to carry out their researches in some of the computer vision sub-branches the company is working on.


As a Computer Vision Researcher and Developer you will work closely with the members of this department and actively you will also contribute to the development of new products or new features of existing products. You will also participate in project groups with another departments, like the mobile development one, and identify the weakness of the algorithm developed in order to improved them.


The applicant should have the following qualifications.

  • - Ph.D. or MSc. in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, or a related field.
  • - Expertise in image processing and algorithm development.
  • - Extensive knowledge of current research in computer vision related with Augmented Reality, specially in methods to extract features and matching in Objects both Planar and non-Planar. Also deep knowledge in some methods to extract and match keypoints in 3D Rigid and deformable objects.
  • - Proficiency in C++, and Java or Objective C.
  • - Strong technical writing, speaking, and presentation skills in english.


Some of these skills will be considered as an advantage:

  • - Real experience in another fields like Face Tracking or/and Face Recognition.
  • - Knowledge of Android or iOS programming.
  • - Experience in OpenGL.
  • - Previous experience in Augmented Reality development.

ARLab offers a permanent contract in a young and dynamic company, with an attractive salary. The date of incorporation will be ASAP and this position will be opened until filled.

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