Is Augmented Reality a promissing bussiness?

      Nowadays, where the global economic crisis is present in all the countries to a greater or lesser extent, a lot of entrepreneur or companies think on new ways to succeed. Concerning the technology, Augmented Reality may be the fresh air that gives companies the impulse they need to achieve their goals and allow them to breath in such a hard moments.

      Instead of focusing in the chance to create Augmented Reality technologies from scratch, I would like to talk about the integration of this technology in some markets or some sectors where the introduction of an AR system could be an interesting addition. So, let´s remember what is the definition of Augmented Reality: “Augmented Reality is a technology that, unlike Virtual Reality which replaces the real objects by 3D rendered ones, adds extra layers of information over the real world, improving the user´s perception.”. In other words, an Augmented Reality system enables mobile devices’ camera to point at an object and retrieve some information about it. AR overlays what can be seen in plain sight with digital photos, videos, texts or 3D objects, for example.

          In order to know why Augmented Reality could improve your business, we only have to take a look to the widespread adoption of smartphones and tablets equipped with electronic compasses, GPS and cameras in last years. If you are an advertiser, or you work for a advertising company, you aim to catch the people attention through the product you offer. AR allows advertisers to bring the possibility to purchase much closer to the advertising stimulus that traditional advertising ways offers.

       Furthermore, according to some sources and studies, about 6 million of Augmented Reality apps were downloaded last year, which is still a small fraction of the overall app market.  But this number is projected to increase to 19 million downloads this year and balloon to nearly a billion by 2016.

      For these main reasons, in the last one or two years there has been a boom in companies  adding Augmented Reality to their products or advertising campaigns, especially a considerable number of big  brands. For this, businesses are racing to incorporate it in as many consumer applications as they can.

      From ARLab, we also think that Mobile Augmented Reality(MAR) will even be a bigger hit, because the meta-data provided by Augmented Reality is being made portable thanks to the continuous development of smartphones and mobile devices.

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