Is AR a really useful tool for Education?

      After attending to several conferences and forums to talk about the introduction of augmented reality in school and its “benefits”, there are still people who think that Augmented Reality may be a danger among students, and it has more disadvantages than advantages.

      One of the main ideas that were shown at the conferences by educators is that the introduction of Augmented Reality at school may lead to lazier students. Currently, students have more facilities than some years or decades ago, but the seeking of extra information that is not at books is still a must in order to get solid knowledge. This effort will allow them to develop some abilities that will be useful in later steps of their lives. These abilities may be forgotten if students are not pushed to look for this extra information since it is provided by the addition of Augmented Reality technologies. Thus, in this aspect, some professionals think that the introduction of AR at school, instead of enhancing the learning process could be self-defeating for the students who use it as only tool.

     In order to successfully introduce Augmented Reality in the students´ learning process, teachers should be properly trained. Education professionals will be responsible to guide students to success, and if they are not able to provide the suitable solutions for each situation, guidelines given by them could drive to a failure in this important stage for the students. Consistent with this, the age in which AR would be introduced in early stages can be also a problem for some of the professionals. As long as it doesn´t affect  the child´s growing, I personally do not see a problem about the age in which children start to have a contact with Augmented Reality or any other technologies. Big brands like sony have released some augmented reality games focused on children, with which they are able to play with and stroke to an augmented pet.

      On the technological side, some experts in education and new technologies are skeptic about the AR introduction at schools mainly due to the fact that, nowadays, it is not still affordable for most of the schools or centers. The use of Augmented Reality in education would mean an initial investment of a huge amount of money in hardware devices, either computers or mobile devices, if not for each student at least for each couple. Whether the use of Augmented Reality in education as a learning process tool really has benefits over the conventional way, the economic differences between school centers could lead to significant advantages to those students who attend to the richest schools. Thereby, the technological issue, perhaps, could be a stone in the way to introduce Augmented Reality at school.

      We are very glad to have been able to attend to these conferences and seminars in order to bring Augmented Reality to the people. In general, attenders were impressed and surprised about all the things that Augmented Reality could bring to schools, and their lives, in general. But we realized that there is still a huge gap between what Augmented Reality is able to offer and what the people think it can provide. While some people were interested in the years that Augmented Reality could reach the normal users (nowadays there are already AR apps for smartphones), some of them were worried about the specific hardware that could support this kind of technology. So, there is still a huge work to do if we want Augmented reality to become more popular among people and consequently, spreading its use.

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