How AR will save new powerfull devices

       Great and powerful mobile devices are willing for Augmented Reality and not the opposite

      The lastest smartphones generations are targeting to become much more powerful than most of the personal computers normal users have at home. This is a great opportunity because all the tasks which a user had solely been able to carry out in a personal computer, nowadays, they can be done in those such powerful devices. Furthermore, the hardware integrated within these mobile devices allows users to have games or applications with amazing graphics designs. But the question that may come to the people´s mind is, are such powerful devices needed? or are the mobile brands offering more power than current users demand?

      Those questions drive us to the main claim in this post. Augmented reality is not willing for fast and powerful mobile devices. It is the new powerful mobile devices that are willing for augmented reality.

      Although augmented reality has been honored with the description of a cool and fancy feature, it has as well won the bad reputation of sensitive performance with a lot of demands and constraints. Those tough requirements mainly come from the computer vision sides involved in augmented reality. Heavy image processing tasks, plus manipulation of the camera itself and the 3D world rendering have gathered all to make augmented reality “impossible”.

Figure 1. This figure shows the evolutions of the mobiles in recent years.

      Is it really correct? We are truly witnessing vast improvements in the mobile devices capabilities, but still they are running to fill a gap of years between them and desktops or laptops capabilities. The first dual core laptop existed already in 2005 and had better processing power and camera than most of the current mobile devices. Gamers have had their consoles and very good graphical engines to experience amazing games applications for years by now. Meaning, we had the power to play augmented reality even years ago. Why augmented reality did not invade our lives in the last half decade, although we had already very good laptops and desktop computers to perfectly perform it?

      If current phones were used in the way they were initially build for, any of these hardware and software enhancements would have any sense. Those enhancements come either to fulfill a need or to create a new one. The current uses can be given to these devices differs from their initial ones. Therefore all these improvements each year make them better and better each time. In this race to improve more and more the mobile devices power, fast growing technologies, like Augmented Reality, enters to the scene. Given the commercial success of this technology and its rapid spread in platforms that were not originally designed for this purpose, such as smartphones, the appearance of more powerful GPUs which allow users to feel this augmented world in such devices is essential to experience any of those improvements.

      In short, Augmented Reality is the theater to show the mobile devices capabilites, it is the one to host those accelerated processors, it is the promoter of the camera, the screen and the GPU power. Augmented Reality is the next thing those mobile devices creators want to offer us with the capabilities they will carry on.

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