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Betatester Survey Results

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We want to share with you some of the conclusions that have been obtained from the survey that the ARLab betatesters kindly filled in about our Augmented Reality software development kits for mobile devices.

1) AR Browser is the SDK that has obtained the highest rating.
2) Image Matching is the SDK that has attracted the most interest, however, is the least known.
3) Face Tracking is the most eagerly awaited Augmented Reality SDK.
4) 29 € per license for an application is a very good price for the 55% of respondents.
5) Betatesters think that linkAR development community is very useful and interesting, but needs improvement to increase cooperation between the users
6) Developers prefer Android to iOS: Android 44.7%, iOS 39.5%, Other 15.8%
7) The main use of Augmented Reality SDK is for digital marketing

LinkAR, the AR community for developers.

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      Today ARLab has just released linkAR, the new community thought by and for developers, where you will be able to share, to know, and to ask to other developers which also belong to the community. The main goal of this community is that different developers contact each other to create a greater interaction amongst them , which will sometimes benefit both the users and the companies. In linkAR you will be able to buy licenses of our SDKs, publish your own applications and promote them. The idea is to create an AR ecosystem where  you can learn from other developers, share your ideas and win and make business with the apps and/or projects you may develop. Of course we will contribute not only supporting each single part of your development, even if is not AR related, but also we will release full open source projects like: BoxOffice developed with the ImageMatching SDK and ARPicBrowser developer with the AR Browser SDK.


User Interface Basics: Windows Phone 7 compared to Android & iOS

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Windows just announced the new mobile operating system, Windows Phone 8. We would like to point out what we consider the two main key points for developers:

  1. Nowadays WP7 devices will not be able to upgrade to the new operating system. That is a huge inconvenience. If we want to develop an app for all Windows Phone devices, don’t use WP8 or make one app for WP7 and another for WP8.
  2. All Windows OS will be more similar. Obviously this is a big advantage, it will be much easier to port code between PC, mobile or tablet applications.

By the way, don’t worry about your WP7 apps, they will run in WP8, as Larry Lieberman stressed.

That said, we want to share with you some basic functionalities we have been using in our first steps with WP7. One of ARLab common practices in app development is to include within a parent class the recurring functions used in all screens.

First we will share how iOS & Android  achieve our goal. Then, we will give a step-by-step explanation of how WP7 reaches the same point, if possible. It’s pretty simple, and quite useful for code maintaining.


linkAR, our community

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Our will is to listen to you carefully to improve our technology and provide a better service to the developers’ community. Our extended portfolio of products covers the most important aspects within the AR technology.


We want to welcome a community of betatesters we may grow together with. We would like to generate a bidirectional compromise with tangible benefits for both parts.

Those willing to join the AR_betatesters_club will be both quantitatively and qualitatively rewarded with reductions in licenses, information and technological support… Definitively, we propose the first and unique program of betatesters in the AR technologies worldwide.