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Augmented Reality MasterClass given by our CTO.

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      In our crusade to spread not only the Augmented Reality technology, but also all our products, we are also involved in several Masters courses in Spanish universities, where some of our staff are the responsible to teach this technology and its advantages to students enrolled in the aforementioned courses. In these courses or classes we are the responsible of introducing students, engineers, or even teachers in such exciting field. Apart from the general view of the Augmented Reality and its current situation, we also introduce our products.

      The main idea of these classes, courses, conferences or seminars is just to approach this amazing technology to engineering’s students and professionals who aren´t familiar with it. It is impressive that, in most of the cases they don´t know anything about Augmented Reality at all, but after these opportunities they feel super interested on this technology and its advantages and possibilities.

      Moreover, we show them the ease of integrating Augmented Reality in mobile apps using the ARLab SDKs. We offer an affordable solution to whom are willing to develop mobile Augmented Reality apps, and we encourage them to use our solution for several reasons like: ease and fast integration, features and great documentation, price and performance.

      If you are interested in attend via online to this masterclass given by Pablo García, ARLab CTO, it will take place on 20th, Thursday at 18:00 (only to spanish speakers). Please click the following lint to register: 

Launching ImageMatching beta

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In our “crusade” to make Augmented Reality and Computer Vision available for everybody, we are proud today to launch our second product beta, the Image Matching.

It has passed one month since we published our first product, the ARBrowser and today we take the chance to release the beta 0.2 with some improvements and new features.

Any help, comment or inquiry received from the community will be extremely welcomed as our aim is to build tools from developers to developers. It is our scope to try to add all the requested functionalities that cover your targets.

 Image 1. An illustrated example of the ARBrowser.

During this month we have meet and received feedback from some developers that helped us to push and improve the engine so it would eventually cover their expectations. Indeed we specially had a lot of feedback from Todd Werelius, CTO – Founder at bThere, who actually helped us and gave us the opportunity  to ask him some questions: