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What can Augmented reality offer?

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      A lot of people have already heard, or even seen, some final product or demo that uses augmented reality, and they were impressed by what they saw but, do they really know what Augmented Reality can offer?

      Only the Augmented Reality sub-branch known as Augmented Reality Browser or Augmented Reality Geolocation view is an attractive sector itself, because it offers compelling applications across any sector that comes to mind since it can use geolocated points in order to give the user a better perception of the surroundings. For consumers, it can display the names of hotels and which has a vacancy across the phones’ screens, rates or customers’ feedbacks.  Augmented Reality browsers can also show the location of closest restaurants and their wait times and menus, special offers or even coupons for special prices in that moment.  And a lot of final uses that can place geolocated points in the device’ screen.


The evolution of Augmented Reality

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In this post I would like to take a look backward and talk about how Augmented Reality began. Nowadays a lot of people know what is Augmented reality but, do they know how it was born?

      Although Virtual Reality is much older than the 1980s or 1970s, older or nearly as old as the entire computer graphics field itself (in fact in 1956, Morton Heilig began designing the first multisensory virtual experiences), it wasn´t until late 1960s when it is considered as the beginnings. In 1968, Ivan Sutherland, an American computer scientist and Internet pioneer,and with the help of his student Bob Sproull, created the first virtual reality and augmented reality head-mounted display system, which was named The Sword of Damocles. This system used an optical see-through head-mounted display that was tracked by one of two different 6DOF trackers: a mechanical tracker and an ultrasonic tracker. Due to the limited processing power of computers at that time, only very simple wireframe drawings could be displayed in real time. So we can state that the field we now know as virtual reality (promoter of Augmented Reality), a highly multidisciplinary field of computing, emerged from research on three-dimensional interactive graphics and vehicle simulation in the 1960s and 1970s.

      The term “augmented reality” was coined in 1992 to refer to overlaying computer-presented material on top of the real world. Tom Caudell and David Mizell discussed the advantages of Augmented Reality versus Virtual Reality such as requiring less processing power since less pixels had to be rendered.

      From earliest 1990s to present, there have been a lot of new advances and significant improvements in the augmented reality field, not only for desktop solutions but also for mobile devices. Here we will show a short list that shows some of these advances:


ARPicBrowser, an Open Source Application created with the ARLab ARBrowser .

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      The ARLab team brings you another amazing and useful open source application, with which you will be able to create your own application following the same steps that the ARLab did. This open source application tries to show the power of our ARBrowser, and some of the features it has, like the customizable callback on clicked POI or the extremely light view and smooth movements it provides. But the most powerful feature it provides developers is the very simple interface API, which ranges from totally beginners to expert developers. This easy SDK allows you to add augmented reality geolocation view to your device in less than 5 or 10 minutes, once the environment has been configured.


Which Movie do you want to watch? Trailer Catcher will help you.

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       Another useful application developed by ARLab using Image Matching and AR Browser is “Trailer Catcher”. Trailer Catcher brings you the latest movie trailers released and currently available on the cinema screens. What you have to do is just pointing your device towards the movie cover in portrait mode and automatically the movie will be recognized and the trailer will be launched. Every week the available trailers will be updated and their cover pictures will be listed in the application.

       The cover recognition is not the only functionality Trailer Cacther brings to you. With its Augmented Reality Browser integrated you are able to take a look at the surrounding movie theaters, checking their locations and their distances to where you are. Furthermore, you can get directions to the closest cinemas or the ones you selected and use the ARView to reach them, following the points direction. We have also thought in the social networks in this application so you will be able to invite your friends to go with you or share with them what are you going to do.


BombAR. The first game developed by ARLab with the ARBrowser technology

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       In this entry we want to present you the first Augmented Reality game developed by ARLab using our own technology. The technology used in this application is based on the ARBrowser, an augmented reality geolocation view which allows you to add extra information to the real world.

Figure 1. Promotional Image of the game in Google Play  

        The game shows several capabilities of the ARLab ARBrowser, like the possibility of adding and removing POIS- represented in this case by the bombs- in real time, the accuracy and smoothness of the movements or the capability to customize 100% the look and feel and workflow of this “white label” solution.

          As it is claimed in the ARBrowser features, the action to be carried out when the user clicks a POI are fully customizable, and in this case we decided just to remove the POI and give a punctuation according to the POI clicked.

Figure 2. It shows an example of the game running.  

              Right now, you are able to develop something like this following the very simple API documentation available here. This documentation and of course this Browser have been created to be used by both beginners or experts. Moreover, it is so easy to use that you will have your ARBrowser ready to be used in less than 20 minutes, like is shown in this video tutorial.

These are some specific features of BombAR:

- BombAR the ultimate augmented reality game! Deactivate bombs around you!
- We have prepared 8 different levels, starting from super easy #1 to super hard #8! Try to get 3 STARS!
- Additionally, you can play the survival mode. Bombs will silently approach to you, check out the radar to deactivate them! This mode has no end, survive as much as possible!

Get it for free from the Google Play in this link. Soon it will be available also for iOS devices.

Bilbao Anuncios. App based on the ARLab ARBrowser.

Posted on: No Comments, one of promoters of the “Festival el Sol” in Bilbao city, has used ARLab technology, in this case ARBrowser, in the event’s official application, “Anuncios Bilbao”. This application presents to the users information about the last festival’s news, essential places in the city, closest and available hotels, and even the location of the users of this application. Furthermore, you will have the chance to explore the creative city of Bilbao using “Anuncios Bilbao” application.

Get if for free:

Google Play: Android devices.

iOS Store: iOS Devices.