Box Office Matcher. Recognize your movie posters.

After having launched the beta version of the Augmented Reality Image Matching SDK, the ARLab mobile team developed this simple application using this tool. This application is able to recognize in real-time one of the posters that have been previously downloaded and stored in the device’s database, and once this happens, it launches a screen where the users can choose among several actions, like:

  • - Watch the trailer.
  • - See the movie’s info, like the synopsis or rankings.
  • - or visit the movie´s official website.


This is possible because of the technology behind this application. The Image Matching technology developed by ARLab enables real time Image recognition with a high success rate. This application tries to show all the capabilities of the AR Image Matching that ARLab has carefully developed. The developer will be able to integrate this Augmented Reality SDK in its mobile application in few time  (less than 20-25 minutes). No knowledge of Computer Vision is required at all. It allows to pre-store in the device´s database a large set of images, up to 60-80 images working at the same time keeping the success rate.

 In order to make the developers work easy, we develop apps like this one and release its source code. Furthermore, a video tutorial which describes how to set an AR image matching is also available at our vimeo channel. You can go throw the following links to get extra information:

- App source code is available at: Android source code. iOS Source Code.

- AR Image Matching video tutorial: Android Tutorial. iOS Tutorial.

Where to download BoxOffice Matcher?

You can download totally free this amazing application in the following links:

Android platform app link.

iOS platform app link.


Do not forget to check out our AR Browser and Image Matching SDKs.

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