BombAR. The first game developed by ARLab with the ARBrowser technology

       In this entry we want to present you the first Augmented Reality game developed by ARLab using our own technology. The technology used in this application is based on the ARBrowser, an augmented reality geolocation view which allows you to add extra information to the real world.

Figure 1. Promotional Image of the game in Google Play  

        The game shows several capabilities of the ARLab ARBrowser, like the possibility of adding and removing POIS- represented in this case by the bombs- in real time, the accuracy and smoothness of the movements or the capability to customize 100% the look and feel and workflow of this “white label” solution.

          As it is claimed in the ARBrowser features, the action to be carried out when the user clicks a POI are fully customizable, and in this case we decided just to remove the POI and give a punctuation according to the POI clicked.

Figure 2. It shows an example of the game running.  

              Right now, you are able to develop something like this following the very simple API documentation available here. This documentation and of course this Browser have been created to be used by both beginners or experts. Moreover, it is so easy to use that you will have your ARBrowser ready to be used in less than 20 minutes, like is shown in this video tutorial.

These are some specific features of BombAR:

- BombAR the ultimate augmented reality game! Deactivate bombs around you!
- We have prepared 8 different levels, starting from super easy #1 to super hard #8! Try to get 3 STARS!
- Additionally, you can play the survival mode. Bombs will silently approach to you, check out the radar to deactivate them! This mode has no end, survive as much as possible!

Get it for free from the Google Play in this link. Soon it will be available also for iOS devices.

Do not forget to check out our AR Browser and Image Matching SDKs.

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