Augmented Reality is getting into our daily lifes.

      The way in which some daily events are carried out could change for ever with the use of Augmented Reality. Actions like reading a newspaper or a magazine, or even shopping will not even be the same with the use of this fast grow technology, which is becoming more and more used by mobile applications developers.

      The idea is straightforward enough: take a real-life scene and add some sort of explanatory data to it so that you can better understand what’s going on or how to get to where you want to go, improving in that way the information directly received from the real world.

      However, in media it’s the advertisers who are most excited with this approach of the Augmented Reality to people daily’s life. The possibilities of geotagged, targeted adverts or Augmented Reality adverts which open up a whole new world of opportunities when you follow them through. They feel really interested in the opportunities that handhold devices brings to this field. Augmented Reality will make customers participate in the adverts and so it will try to engage them.

Figure 1. It Shows an example of how AR can be used in daily events.

      But not only in advertising Augmented Reality has opportunities to evolve and get into daily actions. Also in e-commerce it has a whole world of infinite chances to be used, both in mobile devices and in web applications. In the e-commerce, it can also be integrated with a lot of social network platforms like tweeter or facebook, which will allow the users to share their experiences with the other users. So, users will be able to leave their recommendations to these websites or applications.

      Publishers also have the chance to enhance the information they give readers through integrating some additional multimedia contents which can only be seen once the reader points his device to one specific image. And not only this, Augmented Reality will enter on the educational stage, allowing students to interact with 3D Models so that they get an extra information that the book currently provides. In the case of the elementary school, to interact with these 3D Models layered over the real world will be useful to make children enjoy with the lessons. And in later stages, like intermediate or high school, this introduction of the Augmented Reality in the lessons will make students get the content of lessons in a better way and, in some cases like geometry or even chemistry, having a better view of the 3D Space. So, the presence of Augmented Reality on school will not be something strange in little time.

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