Augmented Reality could reach to automotive field soon. PART I

        In the race auto brands carry out to take competitive advantage over the rest, several of them are taking into consideration the fact to add Augmented Reality technology not only in their advertising campaigns, but also in the physic car. All of us already know that the advancement of technology has birthed many innovative creations, in several fields and among them especially in the automotive industry. Thus, a large digital display would be created in order to show all of this information. But the use of Augmented Reality in cars is not restricted to a simply using as a GPS. The computer vision technology behind Augmented Reality can be also integrated in such applications in functionalities like image recognition for traffic signals, keeping the safe distance between cars, or even warning to the driver in danger situations, such as in lane changes or in those moments when drivers could fall asleep.

Figure 1. An example of a windshield displaying digital information.

               The technology has proven to be popular in the automotive industry adding another dimension to vehicles that will likely change the driving experience. Furthermore it also has the potential- or tries to have it- to make driving safer, as digital displays on the windshield can highlight risks in the environment and also warn of potential distractions or unsafe driving habits.

              The idea of adding aditional information into the windshield of a vehicle must be carefully thought for several reasons. The main constraint should be that showing that Augmented Reality information must synergize well with user´s driving. This means that the digital information displayed shouldn´t be intrusive to a driver’s vision of the road in order to avoid any kind of distraction.

           Regarding manufacturer car companies come to my mind brands like Toyota or BMW. While the former has also experimented with Augmented Reality window displays in last years, the later has published a new AR system that is still being tested, but the it may be ready for their 2013 vehicles.

       As Augmented Reality grows, it is shown that it is not all focused on tablets or smartphones, but it could have place in this automotive field, as long as it is integrated in a save way.

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