Augmented Reality and 3D and Computer Vision for Augmented Reality

Today we’re inviting you to read two articles on how AR technology is expanding nowadays.

First of all, this article talks about the involvement of 3D technology in AR, movies and videogames. This article sums up how different technologies have been adapted to all these industries and gives a few examples of how those are used. A short yet interesting article and a great light reading.

Augmented Reality and 3D

Secondly, we bring you a more technical article for the engineers here, or simply for anyone who likes a bit more complicated, in depth reading.

It talks about the evolvement of the VR(Virtual Reality) technology its growth in the global market. It also talks about the reasoning behind the 3D technology, what it is based on and how did the pioneers in the 3D technology tackled the issue of creating a 3D model out of a 2D surface.

Computer Vision for Augmented Reality

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