Augmented Reality, a new “door” for 3D artists.

      Since 3D design is a crucial part in the development of any augmented reality system, these 3D artists have seen a new field plenty of opportunities to develop their ideas and talents. Mobile programming, real-time optimization or computer vision algorithms play an essential role in current augmented reality systems, but 3D design is the viewable part, the “face” for costumers, the last layer of these systems. Thus, everyone can imagine how important are those 3D professionals for successful AR systems.

      A few years back in time, 3D artists were mostly needed in industries like videogames, advertising and movies. Now, Augmented Reality has opened a whole new market with job oportunities and a lot of yet undiscovered creative uses. The need for 3D designers for AR is clear, and now that this new market is growing exponentially, thanks to it’s uses for marketing (and even videogames), will also create a big ammount of new jobs.

      A lot of 3D artists are also eager to find out about AR, as it provides an unexplored world full of possibilities and it’s expected that will be used in a daily basis in only a few years. Creative people love this kind of exciting adventures that gives them freedom to find new ways of expression, art, and creating useful applications. Usually, 3D exists only inside computers, and thanks to AR technologies like image tracking allows the 3D to look like it is on top of a table, making everything a much more interactive experience, and mixing the real and virtual world. Digital artists always love to see their creations come to life, and for now, Augmented Reality is the closer this has come up, and is a step forward until it eventually we reach into holograms, or other sci-fi solutions, to be developed in daily basis.

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  1. Jordan says:

    Some great points here. Augmented Reality seems like a fun tool that I hope artists will be able to work with soon. Right now, the technology’s a little too new and exclusive.

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