ARPicBrowser, an Open Source Application created with the ARLab ARBrowser .

      The ARLab team brings you another amazing and useful open source application, with which you will be able to create your own application following the same steps that the ARLab did. This open source application tries to show the power of our ARBrowser, and some of the features it has, like the customizable callback on clicked POI or the extremely light view and smooth movements it provides. But the most powerful feature it provides developers is the very simple interface API, which ranges from totally beginners to expert developers. This easy SDK allows you to add augmented reality geolocation view to your device in less than 5 or 10 minutes, once the environment has been configured.

In this case the view of reality is modified by adding Point of Interest (POIs), fully customizable by the developer. In this Open Source Application, we have used the API provided by Panoramio, with which we are able to get pictures – that have GPS coordinates – and place them on the device, according to our location and also the place the mobile device is pointing to. Moreover, the ARLab team has selected to add several actions, which are also fully customizable by the developer, like to show the picture on the screen, get the directions to reach the place where the picture is or share it in tweeter, the social network.

If you are interested in this application you can directly download in these links: iOS, Android.

or you can follow the documentation if you want to develop it by yourself: documentation.

Do not forget to check out our AR Browser and Image Matching SDKs.

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