ARLab, a new vision for a smarter society.

      After several months of hard work we are ready to offer an extended portfolio of technological solutions for AR. Our differentiated value is to support the creation of not only useful, easy and fast applications developed by software experts, but also precise, elegant and effective technologies that enable an efficient development in an extremely short time to market.

We build technologies according to developers’ needs and provide them with functional solutions to materialize their ideas in the shortest time possible. ARLab´s aim is to develop SDKs for developers. Starting on Android and iOS, that will include all the computer vision features that any Augmented Reality app can request. That´s why our suite of products includes geolocation, visual search, natural features tracking, interactive virtual buttons and AR game engine. This will be followed by face detection, recognition and tracking engine; and object tracking that will be released soon. The most important for us is to create real tools for developers, that´s why we really take care of creating a simple API in a native platform language, objective-C in iOS and Java in Android, following how Google or Apple would do it in their own frameworks. So, the developer will not need to do any extra learning effort in order to use our SDKs. Also the documentation is one of our pillars, oriented for pure developers, with lot of sample codes and tutorials.

      Our culture revolves around technological innovation and a high specialization on augmented reality.  We are a group of highly experienced and diverse individuals, all working together with the shared goal of providing developers around the world with the highest-quality augmented reality solutions possible.  We share the will to generate an entrepreneurial culture where decisions are driven by agility and quality; a culture that possesses a wide view of the technological scenery, which affords the construction of cleaner, more intelligent and sustainable societies.

      Last, but not least important, there’s our pricing policy. We really want to contribute to the spreading of Augmented Reality, that´s why our products start from 29€, an affordable price for any single developer or start-up that would want to include Augmented Reality capabilities in their apps. With these prices we hope to reach a high number of developers who currently are not able to add Augmented Reality into their apps by diverse reasons, like expensive prices, lack of documentation or need to learn new programming languages.

Do not forget to check out our AR Browser and Image Matching SDKs.

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