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Betatester Survey Results

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We want to share with you some of the conclusions that have been obtained from the survey that the ARLab betatesters kindly filled in about our Augmented Reality software development kits for mobile devices.

1) AR Browser is the SDK that has obtained the highest rating.
2) Image Matching is the SDK that has attracted the most interest, however, is the least known.
3) Face Tracking is the most eagerly awaited Augmented Reality SDK.
4) 29 € per license for an application is a very good price for the 55% of respondents.
5) Betatesters think that linkAR development community is very useful and interesting, but needs improvement to increase cooperation between the users
6) Developers prefer Android to iOS: Android 44.7%, iOS 39.5%, Other 15.8%
7) The main use of Augmented Reality SDK is for digital marketing