Featuring MuseARt

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Today we feature MuseARt, an amazing app Salvador Sanchez has developed and I recommend you all.

MuseARt is the first application that combines art with the most advanced technologies of AUGMENTED REALITY, TEXT TO SPEECH and IMAGE RECOGNITION in REAL TIME.

With dozens of artworks from The Prado Museum, The Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum and The Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid.

MuseARt is an essential application for art lovers and for those who want to have their own audioguide when visiting a museum.

This is a collection of artwork ordered by museums, exhibitions, galleries and specific collections created by the world’s major museums.

But that’s not all: MuseARt has an AUGMENTED REALITY interface that directly identifies each artwork through the camera device, displaying in real time all the information associated with it, including the audioguide in English and Spanish, made with text to speech technology with high quality interpretation and diction, provided by the latest technology in text recognition and human intonation existing in the market.

The advantage of image identification system built into the application represents a significant advance in the currently existing audioguides and do not need to manually enter any identifier: only focusing the camera to the artwork achieve the identification, and visitors are not distracted by entering data into the device. This image identification system is the result of extensive research in Augmented Reality, making it more human and closer to the user.

The application is constantly evolving, including regular updates of artworks, exhibitions, new museums around the world and their respective audioguides.

Each artwork has a high definition version that you can download for later reference even without network connection.

Betatester Survey Results

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We want to share with you some of the conclusions that have been obtained from the survey that the ARLab betatesters kindly filled in about our Augmented Reality software development kits for mobile devices.

1) AR Browser is the SDK that has obtained the highest rating.
2) Image Matching is the SDK that has attracted the most interest, however, is the least known.
3) Face Tracking is the most eagerly awaited Augmented Reality SDK.
4) 29 € per license for an application is a very good price for the 55% of respondents.
5) Betatesters think that linkAR development community is very useful and interesting, but needs improvement to increase cooperation between the users
6) Developers prefer Android to iOS: Android 44.7%, iOS 39.5%, Other 15.8%
7) The main use of Augmented Reality SDK is for digital marketing

November Offers

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In this post we’d like to show off some of the best offers that we’ve made yet. Just in case you weren’t part of our beta tester at the time of our previous offer, in which we gave the beta tester team more than a 33% discount on all the licenses our  AR Browser and  Image Matching SDKs, we’re going to do the same thing, again, for all linkAR users. So go check you e-mail if you are a linkAR user, you’ll see that you have a discount for all the App licensees, that now are 19€, rather than the usual 29€. Don’t wait too long and come buy that app SDK for such a ridiculous price. It’s basically like we’re giving them away! In order to redeem this offer follow the next steps:

1. Go to linkAR: http://developers.arlab.com  Register or Log in with your username.

2.Go to the store tab, and add to your cart the licenses that you wish to buy, start the checkout process and you’ll be asked for the redeem code: ARNOVEMBER

3. Start programming your AR app.

That’s all for today, the whole ARLab team hopes that you’ll enjoy the purchases, and do not worry if you read this a bit too late, there will be more.

Featuring BikeInUmbria App

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Today we had the chance to interview Giovanni Rocchini, one of our very best active and more contributing users, that included our AR Browser SDK on his great Bike In Umbria app. Here bellow you can check out the whole interview. Thanks Giovanni for your time!

- Tell us a little about your company. What kind of apps you develop? Services you offer?

Liquidapp started in 2010 by Sesinet and Salt & Pepper, with over 20 years experience in new media and design we develop integrated media solutions. Creating cross platform applications is the bedrock of our work, be it mobile, tablet or online. We are always interested in developing new markets, helping clients expand their market brand awareness.

-We have been trying out your Bike In Umbria app and its really cool. Not to mention the amazing design and UX. Who is the target market? 

The Bike in Umbria app is an on-going branding exercise of the local government authority’s tourism and cultural, awareness campaign. Started in

2010 the Umbria App project has over 34 separate app both in English and Italian with over 50,000 separate downloads.
This app’s target market is tourism and is intended for use as both presentation and utility app

- Did  you find useful the ARBrower library? What about the integration, API, doc?

We found AR Browser really userful, and with lot of potential. The integration is easy and the API is well documented. We love to add new feature on our app, and ARBrowser help us with Bike In Umbria. We are
planning new app with AR and we are waiting new wounderful things from ARLab!

- Future plans: any other AR app in mind?

AR is the future and with integrating library such as AR Browser they facilitate our clients with reduced R&D costing helping us to deliver the products in record time. Knowing that the products integration has been thoroughly tested allow for piece-off-mind and an expanded user experience.

We are really waiting for all your news, expecially 3D world! AR Browser with 3D support will be a wonderful addon for our app, and the 3D engine could help us to develop some new cool effect on our app!

Thanks a lot for your work and for the chance of this interview!

Here the download links:


Will the human body support some ways of Augmented Reality?

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      It is not strange that scientists want to push the limits of technology in the human body. This is, of course, the case of Augmented reality, from which we have recently seen the development of the AR glasses by Google.

      The AR glasses are designed to let users capture video with a built-in camera as well as use downloaded apps, internet, and social networks sites on the move. A small projector displays an image in front of the wearer’s eyes while letting them stay aware on the outside world. The idea is easy, the user is able to see valuable information with no need to bring with him/her another special hardware like a smartphone or even a laptop. Thus, we can even think that the glasses may be an extension of the human body, or the eye, allowing the user to perceive more information with no extra effort, only just looking at the place from where the information is required.

      But as always, there are people that go further (which us very good for science),  and try to push these limits even more. Some of these innovators have developed an Augmented Reality system which can be run over a contact lenses! Their idea is basically that the human eye is a perceptual powerhouse. It can see millions of colors, adjust easily to shifting light conditions, and transmit information to the brain at a rate exceeding that of a high-speed Internet connection. But why stop there?  This is the premise that these unstoppable minds have for conducting such amazing researches.

It is true that all of the aforementioned advances sound very nice, and at a first glance we could even think that this is going to be a change in the way we perceive and interact with the environment but, what about the human body limits? Is it ready to physiologically hold such an amount of information?


-AR contact lenses

Is Augmented Reality a promissing bussiness?

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      Nowadays, where the global economic crisis is present in all the countries to a greater or lesser extent, a lot of entrepreneur or companies think on new ways to succeed. Concerning the technology, Augmented Reality may be the fresh air that gives companies the impulse they need to achieve their goals and allow them to breath in such a hard moments.

      Instead of focusing in the chance to create Augmented Reality technologies from scratch, I would like to talk about the integration of this technology in some markets or some sectors where the introduction of an AR system could be an interesting addition. So, let´s remember what is the definition of Augmented Reality: “Augmented Reality is a technology that, unlike Virtual Reality which replaces the real objects by 3D rendered ones, adds extra layers of information over the real world, improving the user´s perception.”. In other words, an Augmented Reality system enables mobile devices’ camera to point at an object and retrieve some information about it. AR overlays what can be seen in plain sight with digital photos, videos, texts or 3D objects, for example.

          In order to know why Augmented Reality could improve your business, we only have to take a look to the widespread adoption of smartphones and tablets equipped with electronic compasses, GPS and cameras in last years. If you are an advertiser, or you work for a advertising company, you aim to catch the people attention through the product you offer. AR allows advertisers to bring the possibility to purchase much closer to the advertising stimulus that traditional advertising ways offers.


ARLab will attend to the augmented Planet Event in London.

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      At the end of October, exactly on 30th and 31st of this month, will take place an important international event in the field of Augmented Reality, and the UK’s Largest dedicated Augmented Reality conference, where the most relevant companies in the world of AR will be present showing their products. Amongst them, ARLab will also attend to this important event.

Link to the official site of the event.

      Augmented Planet is where people from the AR industry come together with developers and agencies. One member of our staff will speak the first day of this event from 11:15 to 11:45 about the company and its products. Moreover, ARLab will show several innovative products that are not still in the market.

      Apart from the aforementioned new products, developers will be able to check how easy is to integrate our Augmented Reality libraries within their current mobile applications, giving them an easy, fast and intuitive tool to develop new amazing mobile apps.

What can Augmented reality offer?

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      A lot of people have already heard, or even seen, some final product or demo that uses augmented reality, and they were impressed by what they saw but, do they really know what Augmented Reality can offer?

      Only the Augmented Reality sub-branch known as Augmented Reality Browser or Augmented Reality Geolocation view is an attractive sector itself, because it offers compelling applications across any sector that comes to mind since it can use geolocated points in order to give the user a better perception of the surroundings. For consumers, it can display the names of hotels and which has a vacancy across the phones’ screens, rates or customers’ feedbacks.  Augmented Reality browsers can also show the location of closest restaurants and their wait times and menus, special offers or even coupons for special prices in that moment.  And a lot of final uses that can place geolocated points in the device’ screen.


Next games generation could include Augmented Reality

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      In fact, there are video games that already include augmented reality but, generally they are mainly oriented to children . For example we can take a look to the “Eye Pet” developed by Sony, where children can have a “virtual” pet and play with it using only a card that works as target.

       But actually, we want to talk about action games, or sports games, where the introduction of Augmented Reality could lead to new and engaging experiences for gamers. It is not strange to think that the spreading of the Augmented Reality technology will also reach the game industry, due to its wide range of possibilities. Using next coming generations of AR systems, we will be able to map our room, or the environment where we are, and display a huge set of Augmented objects which will give us a more immersive game experience. Apart of improving the direct user´s interaction with the elements of the game by adding new augmented objects that the user is able to play with, AR may enhance the cooperation and the experience of multiplayer games by geolocating elements where the action takes place.

        In order to get this idea, please imagine an action game like the well known “counter strike”, where several users belong to a team and have to kill another game players. Now image that, instead of staying at home, in front of the computer, each player plays outside, and has a device with an AR system integrated that is able to track where each of these players is and show the location of all the players on their devices’ screens. Wouldn´t it be exciting?