Augmented Reality SDK

AR Browser

  • Add and remove POIs from the pool without refreshing the view.
  • Usable. Fully customizable look and feel.
  • Callback on POI clicked or selected for pro users.
  • Tablet support.
  • Displays only relevant POIs.
  • Most easy AR SDK to integrate.

What is the AR Browser?

With AR Browser SDK you can add augmented reality geolocation view to your Android or iOS application in less than 5 minutes.

It's a fully customized framework with really easy to use API. The framework takes care of all the complex functionalities of the augmented reality browser. So you just need to focus on designing you application.

Our team of engineers has long tested it and created sample applications to fully optimize it for development.

AR Browser Features

  • 2D POIs
  • Video support
  • Add and remove single POIs in real time.
  • Customizable elements: radar, radar dots and pop up label.
  • Custom callback on clicked POI or on centered POI.
  • Extremely optimized to run on any device.
  • Great performance and memory management.
  • Extremely light view, smooth and accurate movements.
  • Custom actions: sms, call, email, video, social networks and more.
  • Very simple interface API for developers. From beginner to expert levels.
  • Start and stop functions to prevent memory or battery starvation.
  • Check sample code.


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ARLAB ACCEPTS NO LIABILITY for any damages supposedly caused by the Program to the Licensee or to any person or organisation, hereinafter Third Parties, and which are the consequence of the use or lack of use of the program or product, either directly or indirectly, including but not limited to, interruptions of work, economic losses or losses of earnings forecast as a result of the use of the program.

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The Licensee exclusively assumes liability for any damages, prejudices and/or costs that may derive from or be generated by the incompatibilities that may arise between the program and/or its updates and the software belonging to Third Parties that the Licensee may have installed in his computer and/or servers that he uses, as well as any other problems that may originate from the interaction between the said programs, or coinciding code threads.


The program has not been designed or intended to be used in dangerous environments that require functioning with error protection (high reliability), including but not limited to operations in nuclear installations, aerial communication and navigation systems, air traffic control, arms systems or protection and life support equipment, or any other application, in which the failure of any software may be the direct cause of death, injury or bodily harm or serious damage to property or the environment. ARLAB expressly rejects any explicit or implicit guarantee of adequacy of the program for activities of this type.


The Licensee recognises that the program, documentation and/or any other information or material that ARLAB may have provided to him is confidential information belonging to ARLAB and the Licensee must protect it as such. Owing to the experimental nature of the program, the Licensee undertakes not to disclose to third parties any type of information relative to the program, documentation and/or any other information that ARLAB may provide without the prior written permission of ARLAB.

The Licensee undertakes to issue as many warnings and sign as many documents as may be necessary in order to ensure compliance with the obligations of confidentiality. The Licensee may not make any copy of the program.


The user may not rent out or hire the software, or sell, distribute, lend, give or donate it, develop it in any way or modality, introduce modifications even when they may lead to better functioning, or transfer it in any other way.

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The user may not assign the rights granted in this Licence Agreement. Neither may he perform reverse engineering, or decompile, or disassemble the program.

The Licensee likewise expressly undertakes NOT to:

1. Use the Software for any purpose other than that contemplated in the framework of this Agreement.

2. Modify, translate or alter the Software, including, but not limited to, the use of macros or of any other information technology that may increase its functions or the use of any other product derived from the same Software. In the case of alterations or derived products executed by the user, ARLAB will be the proprietor of the said modifications, alterations or works derived by virtue of the application of the Agreement.

3. Reengineer, decompile, disassemble the Software, partially or completely, unless otherwise contemplated by the legal provisions in force. However, the Licensee, prior to each decompilation will request from ARLAB the information necessary to achieve the interoperability of the Software with another program.

4. Remove or alter any identification, notice of ownership, label or registered trademark of ARLAB and/or of its Licensors that appear on or in the software.

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6. Use the Software in violation of any local or state law or by-law, regulations or rules, including the laws regarding abuse or improper use of information.


The right to use this program will terminate when ARLAB considers as finalised the beta program with regard to this program. Likewise, ARLAB and/or the user/Licensee may rescind this agreement at any time and without any cause, by notifying the other party. In such a case, the Licensee must uninstall the program, and destroy any copy or documentation he possesses thereof, on the date of termination of this Licence Agreement, unless ARLAB authorises otherwise in writing. The obligation of confidentiality will continue to be of application during the year following the date of termination of the Agreement.


This Licence Agreement will be governed according to the laws of Spain. Should doubts and/or differences arise with regard to its interpretation and/or effects, only the Courts of the city of Madrid (Spain) will be competent, the parties waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them.

10.- GENERAL.-

The user recognises and accepts that ARLAB may bring legal actions in the case of breach of the Licence Agreement by the Licensee. ARLAB reserves the right to terminate this Licence Agreement automatically and without notice in the case of breach by the user of any terms and conditions included herein.

Should any clause of this Licence Agreement be contrary to the applicable law, it will be considered null without this affecting or implying the nullity of the totality of the agreement.

ARLAB expressly reserves any rights that may correspond to it and which are not granted to the user by virtue of this Licence Agreement.


The licenced software includes some software programs licenced under OpenGL and OpenSSL licences.

The Software may include one or more libraries, files or other elements intended to help the Licensee in the use of this Software. ARLAB guarantees to the Licensee the right to use these libraries, files and other elements provided that the Licensee respects the terms of this Agreement and any specific condition concerning the libraries or files.

By accepting the Agreement, you, as Licensee Betatester accept the supplementary terms and conditions, should they be established.

In any case, it is the Licensee’s responsibility to use the software in such a way as always to respect the terms of this Agreement.