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Our vision is to be the leading solutions provider for commercial, value-added Augmented Reality applications, and to constantly push the technology forward through a deep commitment to R&D.
AR Browser

AR Browser

Add augmented reality geolocation view to your application

  • Add and remove POIs from the pool without refreshing the view.
  • Usable. Fully customizable look and feel.
  • Callback on POI clicked or selected for pro users.
  • Tablet support.
  • Displays only relevant POIs.
  • Most easy AR SDK to integrate.
Image Matching

Image Matching

Real time image recognition engine and SDK

  • Real time image matching.
  • Match multiple images at a time.
  • Thousands of images supported within pools of 50-60 images.
  • QR Codes detection
  • Works Offline! No Internet connection required.
  • Get your response in milliseconds width hardware acceleration.
  • Most easy Image Matchig SDK to integrate.

Thanks to the Augmented Reality SDK these apps improve the experience of the user:

AR Browser

Cards of La Caixa

This app recognizes the Cards of the young cards of La Caixa thanks to image matching.It Shows 3D figures. Each figure has linked Exclusive promotions.

AR Browser

Phoskitos Gifts

Based on its mythical slogan "Phoskitos gifts and cupcakes", this app connect the gift that comes inside the packaging, Huevox. Some Eggs are transformed into bugs that engages the kid in an active game against clock where you have to defeat the largest number of possible "eggs".

AR Browser

Phoskitos Dartboard

This app recognizes the image (dartboard) of the product packaging Phoskitos. Child shoots the enemy with the toy in 3D in front of the target.

AR Browser

Communication Campaign

This app recognizes billboards, presents the communication campaign of the new brand: recognizes the creatives located in the advertiser poster, signage Exterior or press and opens illustrative content in multimedia format: videos, pictures, connection to social networks...

AR Browser

Collection of Art

App for mobile devices featuring the Collection of Art of ABANCA Obra Social. Offers All the information about the exhibitions thanks to the Image recognition Enjoy content related to the pictures: Files of artists and works, galleries of Images, works of the same author..

AR Browser


The participants in a Gymkana can recognizes throght his device a magic mailbox. They Answer questions correctly and/or share their experiences through the social network.

Francisco Calvo

Francisco Calvo of ARlab About the Future of Augmented Reality

Francisco Calvo is the general manager of Cristaliza, which is the major owner of ARlab. He is an experienced and reputable technology consultant who now focuses on digital transformation. Francisco took some time recently to educate us on augmented reality and how it will change our day-to-day lives in the future.