Augmented Reality SDK

Our vision is to be the leading solutions provider for commercial, value-added Augmented Reality applications, and to constantly push the technology forward through a deep commitment to R&D.
AR Browser

AR Browser

Add augmented reality geolocation view to your application

  • Add and remove POIs from the pool without refreshing the view.
  • Usable. Fully customizable look and feel.
  • Callback on POI clicked or selected for pro users.
  • Tablet support.
  • Displays only relevant POIs.
  • Most easy AR SDK to integrate.
Image Matching

Image Matching

Real time image recognition engine and SDK

  • Real time image matching.
  • Match multiple images at a time.
  • Thousands of images supported within pools of 50-60 images.
  • QR Codes detection
  • Works Offline! No Internet connection required.
  • Get your response in milliseconds width hardware acceleration.
  • Most easy Image Matchig SDK to integrate.

Thanks to the Augmented Reality SDK these apps improve the experience of the user:

Phoskitos Dartboard

Phoskitos Dartboard

Based on its mythical slogan "Phoskitos gifts and cupcakes", this app connect the gift that comes inside the packaging, a ballast with an arrow, with the App. The package has a dartboard painted and the child use the camera of the smartphone to recognise this image and the app shows several videos of a bad guys challenges the user.

Phoskitos Gifts

Phoskitos Gifts

Based on its mythical slogan "Phoskitos gifts and cupcakes", this app connect the gift that comes inside the packaging, Huevox, with the App. When the user recognise a Huevox with the camera in the App, it is virtually transformed into bugs (dinosaur like) that engages the kid in an active game against the clock where you have to defeat the largest number of bugs.

Gymkhana Magic Mailboxes

Gymkhana "Magic Mailboxes"

Additional to image recognition and augmented vision, this App (and web) allows the participants in the Gymkhana to recognise a mailbox in the street, which is matched with the positioning to check if it is magic (300 of 2.000) to win more or less points, even more if you are the first, additionally they are offered a quiz to solve about the 300 years of history of Correos (Spanish Postal Operator) to get more points, and they can take there a selfie with the mailbox and share the picture with the rest of the participants (game web) or in their social networks. Sharing wins more points, players can share even their points, or give points as a gift to their friends if they engage in the game. Additionally the App provides push notifications when the player is close (500m) to a mailbox, and additional communications from the community manager managing the game. It lasted for 3 months.

Communication Campaign

Communication Campaign

This app recognizes images (logos, panels, etc.), and launch the communication campaign of the new brand. The user interacts with the brand through the App recognizing the creativities located in the advertiser posters, exterior signages or press advertisements and opens illustrative content in multimedia format: videos, pictures, connection to social network as it was designed.

Francisco Calvo

Francisco Calvo of ARlab About the Future of Augmented Reality

Francisco Calvo is the general manager of Cristaliza, which is the major owner of ARlab. He is an experienced and reputable technology consultant who now focuses on digital transformation. Francisco took some time recently to educate us on augmented reality and how it will change our day-to-day lives in the future.